Brand Experiences

Your company branding is more than just a logo, or what your brand identifies as. Brand experience is your whole brand, including how you interact and connect with your customers and audiences.

Keeping a consistent brand whilst standing out from the competition can be difficult, especially without guidance. With our extensive knowledge & experience, we help brands to bring their visions to life, through creative messaging & visuals.

A strong brand will create reliability for conscious consumers which will open the door to customer loyalty & satisfaction.

Brand Experiences

Using creative branding + messaging to shine above your competitors

Brand Identity

A strong brand identity will set you apart from your competitors, customers will recognise your brand and recommend it to others and therefore help you establish and grow successfully in what can be a difficult market or industry.

Here at Reward we will help you grow your brand to distinguish it from others in your customers minds. Brand identity is the visible elements of your brand, including logos, colour schemes and designs. We have dedicated teams of graphic designers who can help you craft and grow your brand so that it shines above your competition.


Do you know where your brand sits in your audiences or potential customers minds? What makes you stand out over other brands?

Reward’s branding experience service combines strategy and creativity to build and position your brand above your competition and carves it a place where it will stand the test of time. Brand positioning works in conjunction with identity to create a lasting place and impression in your customers minds. Meaning that you will be their go-to brand when they need the product or service you cater for.

Brand Messaging

Connecting your brand with its audiences is one of the most important strategies, and successful brand messaging can engage your customers on their level in terms they understand. Have you thought about how you communicate to your customers? How well do you understand your audience?

Positive brand messaging can often mean the difference between winning a sale or losing a sale, and in combination with identity and the positioning of your brand, it is often the deciding factor on whether a customer returns and recommends your brand to others.

Brand Guidelines & Manuals

Reward Agency can help your brand craft and create your Brand Guidelines and Manuals, effectively creating a strategy that you can follow for years to come. These are essentially instruction manuals or a rule book on how you communicate your brand to your customers.

A brand guideline helps ensure that your brand image remains consistent wherever it shows up, whether online or in a physical location. Ultimately your company will create a familiarity and reliability which opens the door to brand loyalty and customer longevity.

Visual Design Production

Not only is the above important, but marketing and graphic design also go hand in hand to create a unique recognisable brand where you can communicate who you are and what you stand for to your audience. 

Reward will help you to create a successful visual design for your brand, working with you to craft what is needed to stand out amongst your competitors. Brands need to ensure they create authentic and meaningful experiences which will appeal to their target consumers. 

Our specialist design team at Reward can create and grow your brand which will not only have an established identity and positioning in your industry, but a memorable one, which will leave customers returning time and time again whilst you continue to establish a growing consumer base of loyal customers who will help grow your brand further into the future.


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Increase in average order values for an ecommerce brand


Reduction in CPA for one sustainable fashion brand


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