What’s covered in this eBook?

You wouldn’t open a cafe in a ghost town. You wouldn’t launch a restaurant in a forgotten woodland shack. You wouldn’t run a clothing boutique in remote moorland. If you try to operate an online store without an up-to-date understanding of SEO and how it works, you’re making a critical error: you’re investing your time and resources into a business that won’t find its customer. Much of search engine optimisation (SEO) is the attempt to pre-empt Google and how it prioritises web content.

We help demystify Google’s algorithm, while also clarifying the importance of the various tools in any marketing planner’s SEO arsenal.


What’s covered in this eBook?


Chapter 1

Why SEO Is so important for ecommerce brands


Chapter 2

How to audit existing performance and benchmark against competitors before performing keyword research for your On-Page SEO and content marketing


Chapter 3

How to tackle Core Web Vitals (an important Google update)


Chapter 4

Some great SEO tools you can use to get started with improving your ecommerce website

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