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Redefining user journeys

Customer touchpoints continue to grow in the digital space, mapping successful user flows and journeys helps reduce friction and improve customer experience

The way a user interacts with your digital brand is ever changing, with expectations from site search performance to short click depths - the needs of modern conscious consumers are becoming increasingly complex. We use user journey mapping, data analysis and user research to identify the best ways to improve user engagement.

Customer journey mapping

Using historical site data and analytics we’re able to build a clear picture of existing customer journeys on your site - from the route from social to purchase to a landing page visit to abandoned checkout.

By understanding existing customer journey behaviour, you’re able to identify quick wins and longer term user journey optimisation projects needed to improve your customers experience with your brand.

Optimising experiences

Once we’ve built a usual story of your customers' interactions with your brand. We’re able to look at ways to optimise the experience of those interactions.

Building an experience roadmap to prioritise the most important fixes to your journey. Whilst no customer journey is 100% linear, we can do our best to make sure each interaction is straight forward and the next action needed is clear in the users mind.

Reducing resistance with design

Consistency is a quick way to ensure your user journey is working effectively. One area our mapping usually identifies as needed improvement is consistency of touchpoints and messaging.

When a user clicks through from a social ad promoting a specific product, they expect to land on a page with more information on that product. The design should be familiar to the creative in the campaign and should talk in the same tone of voice.

With effective design and consistent identity - you create a more cohesive user journey.

Measuring + testing

Again, user journeys aren’t 100% linear and as the number of routes into your site increase - managing a user journey can become more difficult. That’s why measuring & testing are so important.

By monitoring and assessing the performance of flow and journey changes, you’re able to identify things that have worked and those that might need to be revisited.

We support brands with the creation of user journeys and the ongoing optimisation needed when new channels are added to the marketing mix.

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Who do you work with?

We work with Direct To Consumer (DTC) brands in the wellbeing, luxury fashion, nutrition and lifestyle industries. Our mission is to make conscious DTC brands the first choice for consumers in your respective niches. We are firm believers in sustainable and ethical marketing for brands that are open to positive change and sustainability themselves.

What is usability?

Usability in UX (User Experience) refers to how usable your website is from the user’s point of view. Adding extra white space, highlighting CTA buttons, streamlining navigation and animation can improve usability by a lot and can enhance the overall experience a user has on the website.

What tools can I use for A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a great way to test which of your UX designs will perform better. The first step is to design two versions of the same CTA button/poster/UI and then run the two versions alongside each other. For example, you could run a search ad campaign with two ads leading to the two versions of the same landing pages. After a month or so you’ll be able to tell which landing page, and therefore which design is performing better.

What’s the difference between UX and UI?

UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) are two independent terms that are often thought to mean the same thing. UX design refers to the experience a user has on your website while UI design is concerned with the interface of your website that users interact with when they are on your website.

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