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Marketing Strategy Creation

Whether you are looking to enter a new market or you’re pushing for growth, having an effective, actionable marketing strategy is essential.

Without strategy, projects fail. Strategy is the base pillar of most marketing decisions, creating a solid foundation for all marketing activity within your company. Understanding your market & your customers is vital to your success. Work with our qualified team of marketing strategists to drive sustainable growth with a new marketing or GTM (Go To Market Strategy).

Research + audit

Using data currently available and conducting our own market research we can identify your current position of your company and any challenges that might be stopping you from making the max out of your product or service. Before we jump in and start recommending fixes, we need to first understand how your current marketing is performing. Our research and audit stage uses data from leading industry data tools to identify current strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and competitor performance. Competitor research is vital at this point to identify the areas where you might be falling behind and where there are gaps in their strategy we can utilise to win more customers.

This stage also includes analysis of your mission & vision, an audit of your internal and external capabilities and a positioning strategy, which guides our strategists to find you the best strategies going forward.


Setting objectives is essential in strategy planning. Working closely with our team of strategists you will be able to set objectives (KPIs) that are measurable and achievable in a timely manner. The aim of the strategy is to help you reach these objectives so we will make sure every decision within the marketing strategy keeps these objectives in mind.

Tactics & Action

Tactics & Actions cover the part of the Marketing Strategy where we get to be creative. Based on the objectives set in the previous phase, our marketing experts will come up with the best ways to achieve the goals you’ve set. Taking into account all of the marketing assets you own as a company, tactics and actions might include: Social Media campaigns, SEO changes to your website, a comprehensive plan for paid media & paid search advertising and more.

Budget allocation & Continuous Improvement

It is important to us that the marketing strategy acts as a support system to your marketing actions. Therefore your budget and where it gets allocated is important to consider. Our team is experienced in creating successful marketing strategies tailored to any budget you might have. We will make sure to make the most of what is available through allocating budget to the most essential parts of your new marketing strategy.

Lastly, marketing strategies are not static, like most things, they get better through continuous improvements. After the first 3 months we will be able to assess what tactics have worked and what needs to be changed so we can provide you with an improved strategy to achieve even better results.

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Join the conscious business revolution


Who do you work with?

We work with Direct To Consumer (DTC) brands in the wellbeing, luxury fashion, nutrition and lifestyle industries. Our mission is to make conscious DTC brands the first choice for consumers in your respective niches. We are firm believers in sustainable and ethical marketing for brands that are open to positive change and sustainability themselves.

How much should my budget be?

Creating a marketing strategy culminates in the allocation of a marketing budget. We will work together with you to set a reasonable budget. Spend too little, and you risk not achieving your desired performance, spend too much you will not be as profitable. We are dedicated to generating sustainable growth for your brand and this includes consulting you on how much should be spent (based on the average spend of your industry and competitors) and how it should be spent.

What objectives should I set for my campaigns?

Setting marketing objectives should fall in line with your overall business objectives and business strategy. Marketing is there to help you achieve your business goals, so it makes sense that marketing objectives should build on existing business objectives. We like to set SMART KPIs (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) so we can make sure your goals that need to be achieved are right on track. We will work with you to make sure you are happy with the objectives set at the beginning of the strategy. Part of our process is reviewing both the strategy & objectives in a timely manner, so we can identify if the objectives set at the beginning are being met, and what could be done differently to achieve them even faster.

What tactics will you use?

Choosing the right marketing tactics is essential in delivering on objectives set at the beginning of the strategy. Our team of experienced strategists know which marketing tactics work well with the strategic direction set out in your strategy document. Multiple tactics can be used for multiple marketing channels to ensure the optimal performance of your marketing strategy. We will suggest a variety of tactics in our strategy and you can decide on the most viable option based on your objectives and budget.

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