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At Reward Agency we believe in backing up actions and suggestions with strong research.

Research, analysis and insights are the backbone of marketing strategy. Without research providing a solid foundation, strategy can quickly miss the point. By holding focus interviews with key stakeholders of your company, talking to your customers and we can get under the skin of the problems of your industry. Combining this with the latest marketing technologies to assess user and visitor behaviour we can unlock new, never before seen insights for your brand.

Research + audit

Using data currently available and conducting our own market research we can identify common behaviours and any challenges or threats within your industry. Before we jump in and start recommending fixes, we need to first understand what key stakeholders think about your performance. Our research and audit stage uses data from leading industry data tools to identify current strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and competitor performance. Competitor research is vital at this point to identify the areas where you might be falling behind and where there are gaps in their strategy we can utilise to win more customers.


Researching and gathering data is one point. Data comes alive through analysis and can open the door to hidden opportunities or problems persisting within your brand or industry. Our expert marketing analyst team is equipped with the latest technologies to be able to dive to the bottom of anything discovered. Through analytics we can pinpoint what is working well, patterns of behaviour and even purchase intent.


Looking at purchase rates, web traffic, follower numbers and more, we can paint a high definition picture of what is and what isn’t working in your current marketing efforts. We believe in providing insight on a monthly basis for any project we work on. Through looking at insights you can see that your money is being well spent, the achievements made by our team and how much closer you are to reaching your objectives and goals.

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Who do you work with?

We work with Direct To Consumer (DTC) brands in the wellbeing, luxury fashion, nutrition and lifestyle industries. Our mission is to make conscious DTC brands the first choice for consumers in your respective niches. We are firm believers in sustainable and ethical marketing for brands that are open to positive change and sustainability themselves.

How often will I get insight into how the campaigns are performing?

Keeping you in the loop is of utmost importance to us. This is why we’ve created our weekly account update videos where your account manager will send you a personalized video with an update on what activities have been done on your account and what progress has been made to achieve your objectives. On top of the weekly update videos, we also generate monthly reports for all of the channels we are working on. We schedule a call where we go through highlights and give you the opportunity to ask any questions and raise any concerns you might have.

How do I know who my competitors are?

Naming your competitors is essential in marketing. You have direct and indirect competitors in your industry. Direct competitors sell the same products with similar positioning to yours, while in-direct competitors are other companies in your industry who sell similar products but their target market & positioning differs from yours. When talking about competitors, we will help you narrow down your direct and indirect competitors and make sure both types of competitors are taken into consideration through our research and audit.

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