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Creative Marketing Campaigns

Making sure your campaign is seen by who it was intended for is the key to achieving marketing goals.

There is no dream too small and no stupid campaign idea. Whether you have a new product or service to launch, or you would like to highlight your products related to a specific season or occasion we got your back. By using a mix of data drive strategy and creative thinking we will help you launch your creative campaigns to drive sales and growth for your business.

Audit & Audience Analysis

Before we jump into strategy & goal formation, we complete a full social media audit. Identifying areas of marketing where the campaign could work. This allows us to build a targeted strategy focused on your key objectives. Competitor analysis also falls under our audit process, benchmarking performance against key competitors in your space.

Once we've completed an audit of your existing platforms, we will complete a full audience analysis to ensure we're building strategies around your key target audience. We put these into buyer personas to allow us to segment and tailor content to their specific tastes and requirements.


Once we've fully understood your audience, market and objectives we put together a campaign strategy document to outline how we're going to position your brand to stand out the marketing channels used for the duration of the campaign.

Creative & Content

Time to get creative. We've finalised your strategy, now it's time to create weekly content calendars and bespoke content to get ready to post out to the dedicated channels for the creative marketing campaign.

Go live

We've done all of the prep work, you've got schedules in place and your content is ready to go. We make sure all channels are synchronised and are ready to go at the same time. A coordinated launch will enable you to generate interest and traffic.

Reporting & Continuous Improvement

We use a continuous improvement process at Reward, meaning we assess the performance of the campaign - keeping an eye on all the important metrics including website traffic, sales generated, follower growth and engagement using real-time reporting, weekly update videos and monthly review calls.

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Who do you work with?

We work with Direct To Consumer (DTC) brands in the wellbeing, luxury fashion, nutrition and lifestyle industries. Our mission is to make conscious DTC brands the first choice for consumers in your respective niches. We are firm believers in sustainable and ethical marketing for brands that are open to positive change and sustainability themselves.

How often will I get insight into how the campaigns are performing?

Keeping you in the loop is of utmost importance to us. This is why we’ve created our weekly account update videos where your account manager will send you a personalized video with an update on what activities have been done on your account and what progress has been made to achieve your objectives. On top of the weekly update videos, we also generate monthly reports for all of the channels we are working on. We schedule a call where we go through highlights and give you the opportunity to ask any questions and raise any concerns you might have.

Do I have to supply content for my campaign?

When coming to us for creative marketing campaigns we do not expect you to have content already ready. If you have copy & creative done, that’s great but it’s not a necessity for a creative campaign. We have a great team of creatives, photographers, designers and copywriters who can create content that is in-line with the campaign strategy, and your brand identity to make sure the campaign looks and feels coherent. We can also work alongside you and provide you with art-direction, product photography, animation & more to make sure we create the best campaign possible.

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