Brand Identity

Whether you are looking to launch a completely new brand or you are looking to rebrand your current image, having a recognisable brand identity is a key pillar of business success.

Strong brand identity will set you apart from your competitors, customers will recognise your brand and recommend it to others and therefore help you establish and grow successfully in what can be a difficult market or industry.

Brand Name

Having a recognisable brand name is the first step in creating a memorable brand. To find the perfect name for your new company, you’ll work together with our expert team of branding strategists and creatives to ensure the right name is chosen for your purpose. 

When rebranding, the first decision is to keep your current name or update it for something that more reflects your new vision. Our team of marketing experts will help you weigh the pros and cons of changing your brand name, and ensure it’s reflected in every aspect of your brand identity.

Brand Colours

We associate blue with Facebook and red with Ferrari. Choosing the right colours for your brand identity determines what message you’ll send to your customers. Do you want them to think of you as warm and friendly or strong and fast? Our team of marketing creatives will help you identify the right colours that match your brand values, brand personality and message of your business. Our research-based approach of colour theory and psychology is mixed with a blend of creative thinking and design to help you find the right name that will stand the test of time.

Brand Typography

Having a polished typeface for your business is essential to help you put the right message in front of the right customer. Choosing the best fonts & typography helps you further develop your brand identity and personality. Using the right typography can make or break an identity, as potential customers interact with your messaging. The right typeface can hammer home your messaging of luxury or playfulness. Reward’s creative team of designers will help you find the perfect typeface for your brand identity to help you send the perfect message.


Like your brand name, your logo will be quickly associated with your brand and what you do and sell. This is why having a strong logo, that can stand on its own without a name is essential.

Our experienced team of designers have created logos that stand the test of time, and help you drive home the message and purpose of your brand.

Voice & Design

The way your brand communicates determines your brand personality. Your name, colours and typeface all help you in formulating your brand identity and brand voice. How you come across to a potential customer can influence their decision to purchase from you. Making sure that the right tone of voice is set for your brand is essential in delivering a successful marketing message. The tone of voice also helps us tie your name, colours, typography and logo together.

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Join the conscious business revolution


Who do you work with?

We work with Direct To Consumer (DTC) brands in the wellbeing, luxury fashion, nutrition and lifestyle industries. Our mission is to make conscious DTC brands the first choice for consumers in your respective niches. We are firm believers in sustainable and ethical marketing for brands that are open to positive change and sustainability themselves.

What design services do you offer?

Simply put, we can design you anything. We specialise in brand identity design, but we can do anything from business card design with existing branding, or come up with a completely new logo for your brand. We’ve had the chance to work on the brand design of industry-leading companies such as Ribble Packaging, Zalando and Cushman & Wakefield (part of Aviva), Stealth Nutrition & more. Reach out to us for a consultation on your branding needs.

How do I know what colours will work for my brand?

Choosing the right colours for your brand will help you send the right message to your target audience. Colour theory plays a key role in helping you find the right shades and tones for your brand personality. Through the consultation process, we will have a branding workshop where you’ll be able to talk us through the colours you like and the ones you’d like to avoid. We will also look at the colour palette of your competitors so we can make sure you stand out from the crowd. 

What name should I pick for my brand?

Picking the right name can be the key to the success of your business. Your clients will associate your brand, your product, and your actions. It’s one thing to be memorable, your name should also encompass what you stand for. In the new digital age, you also have to make sure that the chosen name’s domain is available, social media handles are available etc which can send a spanner in the works. But don’t worry, our branding experts will make sure that the name you chose sounds good, looks good and is legally available too.

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