Growing ethical nutrional brands

Finding the right strategy for your sustainable health and nutrition business can be challenging and intimidating. Advertising your business and ensuring the correct information about your product and the quality of what you provide is advertised online to your potential customers is incredibly important. 

At Reward, we understand that you may have concerns that the agency you choose understands your goals and objectives as well as the products you sell.

Supporting ambitious nutrition brands

Digital strategy, branding + marketing for nutrition brands

Strategy & Brand

Your brand matters to you, and with health and nutritional products, it’s important that the agency you choose understands the passion you have for your product. What you show your customers leaves a lasting impression, and our team at Reward strives to understand your customers to ensure any strategy we propose will put your brand in front of the correct target audience.


We have different marketing avenues that could be right for your business, you can work with us in only one channel, for example, SEO (search engine optimisation) or PPC (pay-per-click), or we can combine these to create an overall strategy that is right for you. Reward aim to understand your business, we don’t just ‘talk the talk’, and establish effective communication whilst building a working successful relationship with you to establish initial and continuing success in whichever marketing avenue you choose.

Websites for Nutrition Brands

Reward also offers website building; including comprehensive keyword-rich content and copywriting services. Using Shopify, eCommerce & DTC (direct to consumer) websites, we can help you set up a specialised site that converts. Reward’s experience ensures a higher conversion rate and an expertly crafted digital design to create a digital user experience for your customers and also ensures Google and search engines can crawl the web pages efficiently for optimal SERP (search engine results page) prominence.

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Our approach to every client partnership



Before we start to think about implementing a campaign, we first need to get to know you. Our discovery call is the first step to understanding your brand & unique proposition in the market. By the end of the discovery session, we will have an in-depth understanding of your brand, your competition, your aims and your challenges. This step is vital to the success of your campaigns.


Strategic Planning

Every successful campaign is backed by thorough research & strategic planning. Our team gathers data & insights from various sources to develop an understanding of your market & demographic, working to deliver fresh & innovative ideas. This step will allow us to carefully plan out our next moves to help you to make gains in your niche.



The next step is to move on to tactical implementation. Using the gathered data, insights & strategy, our team will work to build sustainable campaigns with conscious consumers in mind. We will aim to achieve your brand’s goals by utilising digital technologies and creative marketing techniques, ultimately delivering successful marketing campaigns to your target audience.


Continuous Improvement

But that’s not all. As a marketing agency, we understand the importance of continuous improvements. That’s why we will regularly review the performance of your campaigns to evolve & iterate once more, taking onboard the feedback for you and your customers. This way, we can drive to deliver the best performance possible for your brand.

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