Supporting ethical Game manufacturers & lifestyle brands

We’re on a mission to make ethical brands the number one choice for consumers. Our work helps establish eco-conscious game manufacturing & lifestyle brands as credible go-to brands in their spaces.

Supporting ethical game manufacturers & lifestyle brands

Digital strategy, branding + marketing for Game Manufacturers & Lifestyle brands

Strategy + brand

In the last few years, we’ve had the privilege to work with some of the biggest names in both the Games & Lifestyle sectors. Understanding how to highlight the pros of sustainable games & lifestyle brands is our strong suit. Strong strategic thinking & brand expertise is essential for modern games & lifestyle brands to set themselves apart in their respective niches.


From navigating through IOS14 and social media updates to dealing with tougher cookies and privacy policies, delivering effective & creative marketing campaigns can be challenging for games brands. Mixing data and creativity, Reward drives results for games & lifestyle brands, delivering high engagement and following across all platforms.

Websites for games & lifestyle brands

Setting up an eCommerce Shopify website has never been easier to set up, however creating a website that converts is tricky. As an official Shopify Partner, Reward delivers professional DTC (direct to consumer) websites, crafted for your consumers' experience, with the aim to increase conversion rates and visibility site wide.

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Our approach to every client partnership



To create successful campaigns built specifically for games brands, we start by setting up a discovery call with you to understand your brand & unique proposition in the market. Our discussion with you will help us to understand the ins and outs of your brand, the challenges you may face, your competition and your aims. Plus, we gather an insight into what you are looking to achieve for your customers.


Strategic Planning

No campaign is successful without strategy & planning. That’s why we believe in focusing on strategy before tactics, utilising the data & insight that we gather in our discovery call and research. By doing so, we are able to inform any channel or marketing decisions made, developing a strong plan for the now and the future.



Once we have the materials & tools in place, we get to work in building successful campaigns that are focused on your brand. Using the collected insights and strategy that we have formulated, we move into implementing the tactics we have selected. These will differ for each campaign, intended target audience and the purpose of the campaign. One day it could be focused on increasing social media outreach, the next it could be to improve ROI (return on investment) from Google Search Ads. Nevertheless, this is where we focus on developing successful & creative marketing campaigns.


Continuous Improvement

This isn’t a “one and done” kind of situation. As an agency that focuses on sustainability, we implement the same mindset with our brand partnerships. We run a continuous improvement cycle, using our findings, feedback and data to constantly improve the performance of your campaign and account. We will adjust & reprise campaigns to drive the best performance for your brand, whilst focusing on improving customer experience every time.

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