Helping ethical food & beverage brands grow sustainably

We’re on a mission to make ethical food & beverage brands the number one choice for consumers. Food & beverage brands can and do manufacture ethically and with the planet in mind. Our work helps establish food and beverage brands as credible go-to brands in their spaces & industries.

Supporting ambitious nutrition brands

Digital strategy, branding + marketing for food & beverage brands

Strategy + brand

Differentiation in the food & beverage industry is key in establishing your brand and the go-to choice. There has been a rise in the number of people looking for alternative foods to supplement their diets. But the sustainable, ethical food & beverage manufacturing market is becoming too crowded. We create go to market & growth strategies for ethical food & beverage brands to increase their share in the market.


Digital advertising and SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) are harder to get right by the day. With iOS14 updates and increasingly tougher privacy rules, marketing has become more challenging for food & beverage brands. However, there is an opportunity to stand out with creative-driven campaigns focused on creating sustainable growth across digital channels.

Websites for Food & Beverage brands

With eCommerce & DTC websites through Shopify, it has never been easier to set up a site. But, setting up a site that converts, now that is much more tricky. Use our experience across conversion rate optimisation and digital design to craft a digital experience your customers & search engines will love.

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Our approach to every client partnership



Your Reward journey doesn’t start out with jumping right into marketing campaigns - instead, we set up discovery calls. We find that in order to create successful campaigns, we need to fully understand your brand. That’s why we discover everything there is to know about your customers, your aims and your challenges.


Strategic Planning

After we have gathered all the insights about your brand, we start building a strategy for your business that will be creative and innovative. We meticulously plan the various routes, channels and campaigns that will run for your brand, using researched data and personas, to correctly target your marketing campaigns.



Now that we have the building blocks in place, we can get to work on creating your brand's marketing campaigns. At this stage, we will implement your campaign across your desired channels, outreaching to new and existing customers, building a loyal and reliable consumer base. With this, we keep your aims in mind, focusing on reaching your target goals - whether that is increasing ROI (return on investment) with your paid social media campaigns or increasing organic traffic to your website.


Continuous Improvement

But that’s not all we do. We are big believers in providing sustainable marketing, hence our means to run a cycle of Continuous Improvement. With each campaign, we will review, tweak and re-run to better serve your target audience, whilst delivering the best performance possible for your brand.

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