Supporting sustainable apparel & fashion brands

Working alongside apparel and fashion brands, Reward offers a range of marketing, creative and strategic services, adapted to the challenges and beliefs of each brand we work with, providing digital guidance in an overcrowded fashion market.

We are your partners towards sustainable retail success

Digital strategy, branding + marketing for apparel & fashion brands

Strategy + brand

The Reward team will collaborate with your brand to identify challenges, opportunities and areas of development, aligning with your sales and business objectives. Our strategists conduct extensive fashion market research and discovery workshops to create an effective marketing strategy, one that is fashion-orientated.


We work to create fashion content with a purpose, whether that be on your e-commerce website, social media accounts or through paid advertising. Our creative marketing campaigns are designed with intent in mind, focusing on what your customers want. Through effective fashion-oriented marketing campaigns, we can help your retail brand to grow through various channels, increasing visibility and website traffic.

Digital services & websites for apparel & fashion brands

We have the voice, now we need the platform to spread the word. Through Reward’s digital services, we can create e-commerce and non-e-commerce websites that will help to promote your apparel and fashion brand. We will focus on understanding and optimising your customer’s journeys and experience online.

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Our approach to every client partnership



The start of any partnership with Reward begins with a discovery call with our team. Here we find out everything there is to know about your apparel & fashion brand. We focus on understanding your aims, your challenges, your competition and above all else, your customers.


Strategic Planning

Before jumping into the creation of the campaigns, we believe that strategy & planning are key to success. We focus on using intuitive & creative thinking to develop well-thought-out strategies that will play a role in any channel, utilising the insights & data gathered from our discovery calls and in-house research.



Now it’s time to move on to tactical implementation. Using the data & insights gathered, we can build creative marketing campaigns across a multitude of channels, working towards your target goals. Whether this is to increase footfall traffic to your website or build a larger social media follower/presence, our team will work with your brand to make your marketing campaign come to life.


Continuous Improvement

That’s not all. Our campaigns work on a cycle of continuous improvement, meaning that we don’t set and forget. Using data & insights from feedback, we constantly improve the performance of your campaigns, tweaking and improving in order to drive the best performance possible for your brand.

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