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We call our clients partners. Our partners are the companies and startups who make the world a better place by existing.

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We support DTC brands across a range of different niches + sectors


Competition in the wellbeing space is fierce with new entrants popping up regularly. We help build much needed customer loyalty, new brand awareness and conversions for our wellness clients with strategy & implementation across digital channels, all integrated to ensure you’re getting the most from your marketing budgets.


Nutrition is another area of specialism for Reward.

Working with plant based nutrition brands and performance nutrition - we’ve been able to unlock new brand growth into competiive markets with DTC & marketplace go to market strategies.

Luxury Retail

Luxury retail is a notoriously hard niche to crack, with higher price points and buyer expectations - building trust can be difficult. We work with luxury retail brands to build meaningful relationships with their target demographics with effective brand positioning, marketing strategies and creative design.

Games + Lifestyle

Our work with leading jigsaw puzzle & board game company Gibsons Games, has given us a wealth of experience in the games & lifestyle space.

With games & lifestyle consumer spending increasing, we position & scale lifestyle brands primed for growth.

Apparel & Fashion

Working alongside apparel and fashion brands, Reward offers a range of marketing, creative and strategic services, adapted to the challenges and beliefs of each brand we work with, providing digital guidance in an overcrowded fashion market.

Food & Beverage

We’re on a mission to make ethical food & beverage brands the number one choice for consumers. Food & beverage brands can and do manufacture ethically and with the planet in mind. Our work helps establish food and beverage brands as credible go-to brands in their spaces & industries.

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