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Project overview

Cushman & Wakefield and Aviva approached us to undertake a naming and branding project to create a brand to tie their Manchester commercial properties together under one consistent brand.

The two brands had identified the need to create more of a community across their properties – creating a single brand to sit across all of their sites would create a community hub. We undertook a naming and branding project to name and design a new community hub brand.

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Bringing buildings under one consistent brand

Manchester was one of the first industrial cities in the world, a nod to it’s heritage and the existing quarters within the city the Quarters Manchester name taps into the idea of people finding the right Quarters (home) to establish their organisation in the city.

The name and brand lends itself to sitting above all of Cushman and Aviva’s Manchester properties whilst allowing them to group properties by location in the city. Quarters Central. Quarters Spinningfields just being a couple of examples of how the brand will extend to create pockets across Manchester whilst having a consistent brand identity.

The new Quarters Manchester name had been signed off, we now needed to create a brand identity that sat above a growing number of properties in Manchester as well as the Cushman & Wakefield and Aviva brands. Based on the idea of quarters, the icon is versatile and dynamic colours have been used to sit well with the existing identities of the buildings in Manchester. Each of the different colours and variation of direction of the Quarters icon can be used as a feature for the community hub app and future branded material.

Building one of Manchester’s leading property hub brands

Working with multiple stakeholders within both Cushman & Wakefield and Aviva, we were able to progress through the project quickly with buy in and sign off at each stage of the process. The end result is a new identity loved by both teams and one that ties all of their properties together under one consistent, memorable brand.

5* Drum Recommended agency & Certified B Corp

What our partners say

“I have had the pleasure of working alongside Mitchel as we built one of Manchester’s leading property Hub brands. There is no one I would trust more in a creative branding and marketing position to take a company to the next level, than Mitchel. Ask around; he’s respected by everyone who works with him, for him and by his clients. In addition he is a person of high character and integrity that you can trust to do what he says he will do. To those of you, who have a chance to work with Mitchel, consider yourselves lucky. There aren’t many out there like him”

Ribble Packaging

Our relationship with Oldham based sustainable manufacturer, Ribble Packaging has gone from strength to strength in a relatively short time. We only started working together in the summer of 2016, and have on numerous projects including a complete rebrand, website rebuild and outbound marketing campaign which generated over £1m in annual recurring revenue. We now work on an ongoing basis with the manufacturer to improve their search engine performance with SEO.

Our work has helped increase vehicle utilisation by reducing excess packaging and void fill, whilst reducing transportation costs the impact on the environment is huge. By removing lorries from the roads, the carbon footprint of product manufacturers and retailers is reduced.

Ribble Packaging have been producing cardboard and packaging in one form or another for over 75 years. In recent years they have started innovative new services but many customers (both existing and potential) still saw them simply as ‘brown box manufacturers’ of which there are many. They had some great services that reduce waste, reduce unnecessary lorry journeys and in turn increase revenue for their customers, but not many people knew this. While making customers aware of these innovative services, it was crucial not to diminish the core traditional packaging side of the business.

Moving into new markets is notoriously difficult. Understanding the needs of new buyers and matching them to the services was a big challenge.

The brand was also confusing. With 3 core service offerings in the business each with a different icon and logo, we created an identity that could be used alone to incorporate all 3 elements. When taken apart each of the 3 parts of the logo icon are used as sub service logos.

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