Launching + scaling an ethical tea startup in sports nutrition

Champs Tea

Food & Beverage

Services provided

  • Packaging Design
  • Brand Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Shopify Website Design
  • Ecommerce Marketing

Project Overview

Champs Tea came to us looking for help launching their new ethical tea brand. They needed support from brand identity to demographic research to ecommerce platform selection to marketing strategy formation.

Entering into competitive markets like sports nutrition and wellbeing meant they needed a clear go to market plan, something we’ve been able to support them with. The product manufacturer hired Reward Agency for branding and e-commerce development. The team were tasked with creating logo designs and guidelines before creating their Shopify site and growing social media channels.

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Branding & marketing a sustainable wellbeing startup

Champs Tea needed a memorable brand to stand out in a competitive sports nutrition and wellbeing market. The A’s within the logo type have been customised to create a hurdle icon within the logo. To suggest bettering yourself and tackling challenges / overcoming hurdles with the power of Champs Tea Co. Giving back and supporting grassroots sports charity were also an essential part of the brand strategy planning.

Shopify was identified as the best ecommerce platform for Champs Tea, offering a single interface to manage inventory and orders. The site has been designed to blend aspirational design with a functional product led user experience. An initial launch strategy was put in place prioritising social media and email marketing to create brand awareness and pre launch interest. Social commerce has been identified as a key focus for our marketing strategy.

Successfully launching an ethical tea brand

Delivered remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, this project has been a big success with the full branding project completed in less than a month and an ongoing marketing strategy already delivering results. We continue to work with Champs Tea to help them drive social media engagement, website traffic and conversions.

Champs Tea said “Our relationship with Reward is very collaborative, they provide their expertise and we discuss how this aligns with the brand and then agree a path forward together. Outside of proven skills, the ethos of the company was very impressive for us. Business for us needs to be more than revenue and Reward exemplify this. We are very happy with the service Reward offer. They are versatile and flexible and work with our changing business needs. They adapt to feedback well and make the process very easy.”


average conversion rate

3 months

ahead of forecasts

5* Drum Recommended agency & Certified B Corp

What our partners say

“Our sales are currently 3 months ahead of forecasts. Our website traffic is in the top 20% of websites launched at the same time with a conversion rate 2-3x the average. The majority of our sales are driven by social which Reward work with us on.”

O’Shaughnessy Drink Company

We have been working with ethical CBD drink company O’Shaughnessy Drink Company since 2018 on various projects from brand identity to print and digital ad design.

This particular project focused on producing a drink packaging design for the companies upcoming CBD drink collaboration with Highfield Drinks.

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