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Project overview

Kellie had sold her share in a successful recruitment brand to pursue a passion for education recruitment and needed help launching her new business.

From naming to brand identity and website design we supported Appoint-Ed to create a brand that stood out in a stuffy, corporate world of education recruitment whilst integrating a Buy 1, Give 1 model into the brand and messaging.

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Naming, branding & website design

Before starting on the recruitment brand identity design we needed to complete a comprehensive naming research project, using data tools and domain availability we created a list of 10 brand names all available and unique for Kellie to choose from. We settled on the name Appoint-Ed. Combining a common word in recruitment (appointed the right candidate) with education to create a memorable name.

Working with Kellie we undertook a full branding project to design a consistent brand identity across digital and offline channels. Design assets completed included business cards, logo design, stationery and website design. We connected Appoint-Ed with talented sustainability photographer Jodie at Styling Sustainably to ensure the website photography matched the feel of the identity and website.

A memorable brand & identity in a stuffy market

It has been a pleasure seeing Appoint-Ed develop from an idea into a fully fledged brand. We’re proud to have been able to craft a space for the business in a crowded market by focusing on operational roles in schools and embedding a Buy 1, Give 1 cause close to the hearts of those in education.

5* Drum Recommended agency & Certified B Corp

What our partners say

“I needed a name, brand, logo and website for my newly formed company, I needed it quickly and had a limited budget. Mitchel was extremely efficient, kept me on track and sought my input at every stage. It was incredibly important to get things right and Mitchel made sure I was happy before moving on to the next deadline. It feels great to be 100% happy with the end result!”

Ribble Packaging

Our relationship with Oldham based sustainable manufacturer, Ribble Packaging has gone from strength to strength in a relatively short time. We only started working together in the summer of 2016, and have on numerous projects including a complete rebrand, website rebuild and outbound marketing campaign which generated over £1m in annual recurring revenue. We now work on an ongoing basis with the manufacturer to improve their search engine performance with SEO.

Our work has helped increase vehicle utilisation by reducing excess packaging and void fill, whilst reducing transportation costs the impact on the environment is huge. By removing lorries from the roads, the carbon footprint of product manufacturers and retailers is reduced.

Ribble Packaging have been producing cardboard and packaging in one form or another for over 75 years. In recent years they have started innovative new services but many customers (both existing and potential) still saw them simply as ‘brown box manufacturers’ of which there are many. They had some great services that reduce waste, reduce unnecessary lorry journeys and in turn increase revenue for their customers, but not many people knew this. While making customers aware of these innovative services, it was crucial not to diminish the core traditional packaging side of the business.

Moving into new markets is notoriously difficult. Understanding the needs of new buyers and matching them to the services was a big challenge.

The brand was also confusing. With 3 core service offerings in the business each with a different icon and logo, we created an identity that could be used alone to incorporate all 3 elements. When taken apart each of the 3 parts of the logo icon are used as sub service logos.

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