50 UK Ethical Ecommerce Brands Changing Online Retail

Mitchel White
January 4, 2021

More and more companies are becoming increasingly socially conscious. We are seeing more companies trying to use sustainable materials for their products, making new products from items destined for landfills, or making ethical employment choices.

To celebrate this effort, here is a list of 50 ethical ecommerce brands that are leading the way.


Adrenna makes sportswear and flattering colour blocked patterns using zero waste production methods.


Asquith makes organic sportswear. Despite the environmentally friendly materials and sweatshop-free production, their activewear is affordably priced.

Atlas & OrtusInstagram

Atlas & Ortus aim to create zero waste lifestyle accessories. They hope to make ethically sourced sustainable products the new normal.

BAM –  Instagram

BAM makes sports and activewear made from Bamboo. This material is a much more environmentally friendly option than Spandex based options. Not only are their clothes long-lasting they are comfortable too.

Beaumont OrganicInstagram

Beaumont makes great clothes out of organic cotton, bamboo, and linen. They save fabric from landfills by making limited edition clothes from the end of roll remnants.  With all manufacturing completed in Europe, transportation is reduced.

Beyond Skin  – Instagram

Beyond Skin are blazing the trail with high fashion vegan shoes. Their materials are made from environmentally kinder materials than traditional plastics.


Birdsong focuses on providing guilt-free clothing. They promise no sweatshops are used to produce the clothes and no photoshop is used for their models. They aim to provide jobs for women who need them the most.

Elm Pure Organics – Instagram

Elm Pure Organics was started by a mother of five who wanted scented organic products she could trust. They make small batches of 100% organic products.

Elvis & KresseInstagram

Did you ever look at an old fire hose and think “That would make an amazing bag”? Elvis & Kresse did. They make amazing bags from materials destined for landfill.


Fairphone’s roots are as a campaigning organisation that worked against abuses in the mineral supply chain. From this base, they have begun to sell mobile phones. All their phones are made from conflict-free components and where possible Fairtrade minerals.


Fill make cleaning products that aren’t filled with harsh chemicals. Their products come with no plastic packaging and come in bulk sizes to save on transport miles.


Finisterre is a surf-brand who recycle wetsuits into their designs. Their clothing is designed to be long-lasting and hard-wearing.


Georganics make an environmentally friendly toothpaste. Instead of plastic, you get a glass jar with a metal lid and a wooden applicator. They use natural products to keep your mouth healthy.


Gung-ho makes a statement with every item of clothing they make. Not only are their clothes made sustainably, but they also push you to consider other ways to improve the world. They make charitable donations with every purchase.

Go As U RInstagram

Go As U R are an ambitious company. They make activewear out of natural recycled or regenerated fibres. They also donate a percentage of every sale to charity. All with the aim of empowering women and girls.

GRN SportswearInstagram

GRN Sportswear specialises in cycling gear. Cycling gear wears out quickly as it takes a battering, so it’s fantastic that this company and making it from recycled fabrics.


Howies is an outdoor sportswear company. The clothes are designed to be long-lasting. Everything they offer is made out of organic fabrics.

Kind BeeutyInstagram

This company was founded on the frustration with excess packaging in the beauty industry. The handmade products come in environmentally friendly packaging which is designed to be reused and returned.

Know the OriginInstagram

Know the origin make all of their clothes from 100% organic cotton. Some of their suppliers are Fairtrade certified, but not all, this is something they are actively working on. They are committed to running a fully transparent business.



Komodo work with vegan fabrics to make their clothing line. Their choice of fabrics is designed to reduce the environmental impact of fashion.

Kitty FerreiraInstagram

Kitty Ferreira makes environmental clothing look great. Their UK grown silk is dyed using natural colour options. You can look great, and each piece is unique to boot.

Lara IntimatesInstagram

Bras have long been a sign of activism. Lara Intimates are starting a revolution by making comfortable bras out of reclaimed fabrics. They pledge never to throw any fabric away.

Lucy Bee Instagram

Lucy Bee aims to be an all-around ethical company. The products they make are certified as vegan, where possible, organic and Fairtrade.

Little Imp jewelleryInstagram

This handmade jewellery is created using minimal chemicals and green alternatives. Metal is recycled and polishing compounds vegan-friendly. The simple, striking jewellery is fabulous for the environmentally conscious.

Luna & Soul ActiveInstagram

Luna & Soul Active are an active and sportswear brand. Their minimalist designs are made to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  They take their environmental thinking to not only the fabric but all the materials and even the dyes used.

Nouare JewelleryInstagram

Nouare has an extensive range of recycled silver jewellery. This environmentally aware jewellery is inspired by nature as well as kind to it.


Odylique is a cosmetics company. All their products are vegetarian-friendly, organic and fair trade certified.

One Green BottleInstagram

One Green Bottle aims to reduce the enormous number of plastic bottles that end up in the oceans. They use food-grade stainless steel which is recyclable and easy to keep clean.

Panda PackagingInstagram

Panda packaging makes sustainable lifestyle products. They aim to help everyone live a zero-waste life. Their hand-made, plastic-free products will help you to reduce the plastic in your life.


Patagonia is a brand that has a real love for the environment They aim to make high-quality, sustainable products. Their athleisure and outdoor jackets are designed to stand the test of time and to move away from the fast-fashion craze.


People TreeInstagram

The People Tree is a fair trade fashion brand. They aim to make their products to both high ethical and environmental standards.


Plamil is a vegan company. The food they produce is sustainable and thoughtfully sourced. Their chocolate is Fairtrade and organic as well as being vegan.


Po-Zu aims to make shoes works of craftmanship again. They make striking shoes from sustainable materials that should last for years, not months. Plus, they worked with George Lucas to make Star War inspired shoes.

Punks and ChancersInstagram

These guys are making clothes that everyone can feel good about. They are vegan and soil friendly clothes, made in fair-wear-approved factories. They certainly live by their motto!


RubyMoon is a fitness wear brand. They use local manufacturing and sustainable fabrics to make gym and swim fitness clothing more sustainable. They give 100% of their profits to empower women entrepreneurs.


Scheckter is an organic energy drink brand. Their drinks are Fairtrade, vegetarian-friendly and certified as organic.

Seed and BeanInstagram

Seed and Bean create chocolate that is free from palm oil. On top of that, all their products are organic and Fairtrade.

Smoke and AshInstagram

Smoke and Ash is a jewellery brand that is dedicated to sustainability. The silver is recycled, so is the packaging, even the business cards are made from recycled.

Stella McCartneyInstagram

Stella McCartney is a big name in fashion. She is now leading the industry towards a more environmentally friendly approach. She launched the UN fashion industry charter for climate action. What’s more, she practices what she preaches.

Silou LondonInstagram

Silou London produces their products in Europe. This cuts down on the miles that their products have to travel. Their activewear is made using non-toxic fabrics.

Sports PhilosophyInstagram

Sports Philosophy calls themselves the first truly ethical activewear brand. Their product is designed to be luxurious and comfortable. They are focussed on fitting child labour and fund their own charity with their profits to work towards this aim.


Starseeds is a stylish brand of activewear. They are trying to promote slow fashion by creating long-lasting products that become wardrobe staples.


Sundried is a sporting clothes brand. They are big proponents of the slow fashion movement. They make clothing that is hardwearing and will last.

The Handmade Candle CoInstagram

The Handmade Candle Co work in small batches, to reduce wastage. They use botanical blends to make their nontoxic, biodegradable and clean-burning candles.

The Raw Chocolate companyInstagram

The Raw Chocolate company produce chocolate that is independently certified as both organic and vegan.


THTC (The Hemp Trading Company) make clothes out of hemp and have been doing so since 1999. Hemp uses far less water than cotton, making it more soil and environment-friendly crop.


Tridos is an ethical bank. They are committed to transparent practices. They focus on ethical lending. They only give money to organisations and businesses that are committed to making a positive impact on society or the environment.


Single-use coffee cups a huge contributor to landfills. WAKEcup provides sustainable alternatives and donates 10% of its profits to charity partners.


Weety – Instagram

Making an environmentally friendly reusable cup that doesn’t change the flavour of your drink is a big ask. Weety is the answer with their high quality sustainably produced cup.

Your NatureInstagram

Deodorants don’t have to made from harsh chemicals. Your Nature makes a natural toxin-free deodorant. Their products are handmade in Bristol. They use zero-waste packaging to cut down their impact.

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