Sustainable Shopify Websites: Our Favourites of 2021

Mitchel White
April 28, 2021

Sustainable brands are everywhere in 2021, promises of eco packaging and ethical products are commonplace – so how do you stand out in an increasingly competitive market of lookalike brands?

An effective website can help distinguish your brand from competitors.

We’ve chosen our favourite sustainable Shopify websites to show you how you can adopt some of their best practices to help you connect, engage and convert website visitors.

Sustainable Shopify Websites


Nkuku sells ethical and eco-friendly handmade homewares & lifestyle products.

What do we love about their site?

  • A blend of storytelling and product led design: using emotive visual storytelling around the craftsmanship and supply chain of products is used on the homepage alongside product categories and best seller lists to create a balance between rational and emotional buyer journey needs
  • Use of a Mega menu: using a mega menu allows for easier customer navigation to product categories they’re most interested in
  • Product variant layout: different product size and style variations are combined in one product listing to make comparison and selection easier
  • Simple, clean design: a simple tile design is used for the product listings and a paired back colour palette allows product images to stand out on the page

Weaver Green

Waver Green creates beautiful rugs and textiles made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

What do we love about their site?

  • Straight into the why of the business: the hero section of the home page includes a simple positioning statement “We turn old plastic bottles into gorgeous rugs and textiles” – the visitor knows instantly what the brand is about and what they’ll find on the site.
  • Style filters on the home page: style filters allow the visitor to quickly find products related to their own personal tastes
  • Cleaning & Care tabs: aftercare of home interiors products is a key buying consideration for many, having these instructions on product pages keeps visitors on key pages rather than taking them away to other areas of the website
  • Size guide: size guides are commonplace for fashion brands using Shopify, the use of a size guide in furniture and home furnishings allows the customer to understand the dimensions of the products a little easier


Swyft have designed sofas for speed and ease of assembly, with components that slot together without the need for tools.

What do we love about their site?

  • Use of video: a mix of high quality photography and videos helps the site explain one of the brands biggest points of differentiation (the quick assembly time of their sofas)
  • Digital PR proof: the use of reviews and snippets alongside media logos adds social proof and trust to the site
  • Multiple product page call to action buttons: not everyone visiting a product page is ready to buy – the use of “view in your home” and “request swatches” buttons reflect the different stages a buyer may be at during their purchasing process
  • Simple benefit driven product page information: you’re provided with all the key information you need about the product and service you will receive – no fluffy filler text is used, just all the information you need to make a buying decision


Birdsong design sustainable original wardrobe staples, made by talented women paid a fair wage.

What do we love about their site?

  • Media logos: the use of Vogue and Vice logos adds instant credibility to the site
  • Descriptive product titles: product titles are built for SEO with the use of terms like “reclaimed leather” to rank for specific consumer keywords
  • User generated content & reviews: using visual reviews and testimonials, the site goes beyond static written reviews to add more trust and credibility
  • Sustainable Blog/Magazine content: they link to a number of blog content pieces around sustainability, providing educational content to site visitors and growing organic traffic to the site from like minded consumers
  • Impact report: Openness and transparency are staples of the Birdsong brand, creating and publishing an impact report on their site demonstrates the work they’re doing to improve their sustainable and ethical credentials

BEEN London

BEEN London makes accessories entirely from recycled materials, handmade in East London.

What do we love about their site?

  • Featuring real people: the home page features Jana, Galia, Mikchaela, Lucy and Inga who make the brands products – featuring real people makes the brand more accessible and personable
  • Instagram feed: The use of a live instagram feed shows more of the brand personality and is another avenue for the brand to display UGC (user generated content)
  • Impact verified by Compare Ethics: Simple visual icons and data gives users an understanding of how their purchasing behaviour has a positive impact
  • Mix of product and lifestyle photography: the mix of product and lifestyle imagery helps visitors visualise the product beyond standard product shots. The dynamic change in image on hover creates more movement and engagement on category pages too


Brewgooder brew craft beer with heart and purpose to empower the lives of others.

What do we love about their site?

  • Stunning, consistent design: the brand has been carried through to the site design really well, from the spacing around call to action buttons to typography and product page layouts – the design works
  • Descriptive product title / subtitles: The use of “Crisp & Zesty (4.5% ABV)” on product tiles throughout the site gives the visitor more information about the product and it’s fit with their tastes at a glance before clicking through to product/category pages
  • Tangible product impact benefit statements: “Provides 396 litres of clean water to communities” is listed on product pages, showing the direct impact your purchase has on others


Ethique creates conscious & concentrated solid beauty bars.

What do we love about their site?

  • Sustainable icon/imagery: plastic free, tree planting and packaging are all mentioned on the home page using clear icons with links to more information on each issue – consumers can click the issues they care most about
  • Impact figures on the homepage: the use of data like “11M+ plastic bottles prevented from manufacture” provides the visitor with clear visual data on the impact the brand has
  • Search in header: using intelligent site search allows the site visitor to find products, company information and blog content all in one place – making it easier to make a buying decision
  • Static benefit statements used in the header: statements like “SHIPPED PLASTIC-FREE AND WE PLANT ONE TREE PER ORDER” are included on every page of the site in the header to make key differentiation points on each landing page of the site

Doisy & Dam

Doisy & Dam make sustainably sourced dark chocolate with Colombian cocoa.

What do we love about their site?

  • On brand language: language is conversational and friendly across every page including key product and nutritional information
  • Consistency of brand design: brand design and imagery across the site is bold and adventurous – tying the brand together
  • The use of frequently bought together on product pages: this provides an opportunity to upsell to consumers and increase average order values

Beauty Kitchen

Beauty Kitchen is on a mission to create the most effective, natural and sustainable beauty products in the world.

What do we love about their site?

  • Mega menu: visual images are combined with text links to create a more visually appealing and easier to navigate menu
  • Benefit statements used in the hero section: “Over 4 million plastic bottles saved so far” is mentioned alongside other differentiation points on the website home page to grab the attention of visitors
  • Brand certifications listed: we love seeing fellow B Corps! The use of organisation/certification logos adds credibility to the site
  • Uses a points system: brand loyalty is key to ecommerce success, using a points system to reward purchase and repeat purchases is a great way to boost long term brand loyalty

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