A Spree of Sustainable Marketing Project + Partner Wins for Reward

Sam Oakes
June 28, 2022
Reward Life

It goes without saying that we love when new partnerships are made between Reward and sustainable brands who are looking to expand their brand awareness and marketing reach.

As we come to a close on the halfway point of 2022, we thought it was time for a quick round-up of some of the fantastic partnerships we have made, with old friends and new. 

Since February this year, we have won 15 new projects and partnerships with sustainable brands, including new project wins with existing partners 🥳

Of these 15 wins, we have welcomed 5 new partners to Reward: Sacet, Bamboo Barter, BCG, Scandale and Bebekish - all of which are working with us across a range of our design and marketing services


Ethical diamond jewellery company: Sacet logo

Known for their lab-grown and ethical diamond jewellery, Sacet creates beautifully crafted and made-to-order jewellery, with a focus on changing the jewellery industry to accommodate for the people, the planet and profit. Sacet approached Reward looking for a complete rebrand and brand strategy, which included their packaging and asset designs, along with a full website re-design and build. 

Bamboo Barter

Plantable Bamboo Toothbrush brand: Bamboo Barter Logo

Looking to do more good for the planet, Bamboo Barter create a series of eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes, featuring plantable seeds in their biodegradable handles to grow plants in your own home. We were approached by Bamboo Barter to partner together to work on improving the overall website reach and brand visibility through an omni-channel integrated campaign. This includes SEO, social media and paid advertising, as well as creating and managing an on-going email marketing campaign. 

Berkeley Capital Group (BCG)

Sustainable Operating Partner: Berkeley Capital Group logo

Berkeley Capital Group, or BCG for short, is an innovative Operating Partner for sustainable hospitality investments and developments, partnering with global investors across the UK and Europe. BCG approached Reward after viewing one of our previous partner case studies and wanted to grow their awareness and engagement, organically and socially. Their project consists of 3 new website designs and web development, social media management, designing visual assets, designing an Impact Report and consulting on the Business Impact Assessment for B Corp.


Eco-lingerie brand: Scandale logo

Committed to re-inventing fashion lingerie, Scandale is the first sensual eco-lingerie brand that focuses on circularity and decarbonisation, putting people and the planet first. Scandale approached Reward to help them increase brand visibility and reach through PPC management, ensuring that their products are being shown to the right audience in mind for Scandale.


Organic and bamboo baby product brand: Bebekish logo

Making big movements in the sustainability space, London-based Bebekish are known for their sustainable, organic and natural baby clothing, muslin swaddles, blankets and much more - aiming to produce products that are harmless for the environment and people. We have partnered with Bebekish to help them build brand awareness and increase sales conversions through the website, with the use of paid advertisement on social media platforms and Google Ads.

Gibsons EU and B2B Expansion

Board games and jigsaw puzzle brand: Gibsons logo

Reward and Gibsons Games have been partnered for over a year now and we are more excited than ever to help and watch the UK’s leading jigsaw puzzle and board games brand grow. We are helping Gibsons with the branding, design and implementation of their EU and B2B websites, which will help in their expansion to reach new heights in new markets and streamline their B2B channel.

Starting Your Sustainable Marketing Journey

As a team, we are excited to be growing our brand whilst helping to promote ethical and sustainable marketing for forward-thinking and conscious DTC brands

If you would like to speak with the team about working with us and starting your partnership with Reward, get in touch - we’d love to find out more about you and your brand. 

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