Serve launches on Amazon

Mitchel White
January 6, 2020

Our Managing Director Mitchel has been busy working on his book for the past few months and we’re proud to say he has launched Serve on Amazon.

What is Serve about?

Serve is your guide to ethical marketing.

Setting out an ethical and sustainable way to identity and reach your target audience, Serve turns the marketing of take, take, take on it’s head and offers up an alternative to build a business with impact, one focused completely on serving your audience.

How does it link to what we do at Reward?

The 3 core sections of Serve also act as the 3 core pillars of our branding and marketing services at Reward.

Define: Without a clear understanding of who your customer and audience is you’re going to struggle to grow your brand. Our define service is our full branding offering, from logo design right through to branding and rebranding.

Communicate: Giving your brand the tools needed to communicate with your brand. We work with you to develop your communications across digital and offline channels. Your website is your most powerful tool for communication – we work with brands to develop stunning websites loved by you, your audience and Google.

Amplify: The key to successful brands? Spreading ideas. Amplify uses integrated marketing strategies to reach more of your audience, reaching more of your audience to share your message far and wide. We have helped manufacturing, ecommerce and B2B brands reach more of their audience with a mix of creativity, analytical thinking and 5* tactical implementation.

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