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Sam Oakes
December 14, 2021
Reward Life

As another year comes to a close, we are happy to say that 2021 has been a successful year for Reward. Not only have we won a string of new clients, but we have also expanded our team! With that being said, we wanted for you to get to know us better. 

Fanni Breczku - Account Strategist

Fanni Breczku - Account Strategist Reward Agency

First up, we have Fanni, who has been with Reward since March 2021 and is the glue that solidifies the Reward team. Handling day to day communications and planning, Fanni is the go-between for Reward clients and the in-house team. And after a long wait, she has finally graduated from York Business School at York St. John University with a first-class Master's Degree in Marketing.

  1. What’s your favourite food?

My favourite food is a Hungarian dish called Töltött káposzta (Pickled cabbage leaves stuffed with meat, rice and spices). It’s a dish that my grandma makes every Christmas and it’s something I look forward to having every year. 

  1. Who is your favourite band/artist?

Ooh this is very hard! I cannot possibly just choose one. I love Muse, Spector, Twenty One Pilots, Marina (previously Marina and the Diamonds) but my list goes on and on.

  1. Who is the most inspiring person to you?

I get a lot of inspiration from art. My first degree is in the history of art and I’ve always found it fascinating how different artists choose to talk about issues, themes and subjects through their artworks.

  1. What is your favourite animal?

When I was a kid, I always said I liked lions because they were so big and mighty but looked very cuddly to me. But lately, I’ve been learning a lot about bees and penguins and I’m fascinated so I think my favourite has been extended into a Top 3. 

  1. If you could have dinner with 3 people (dead or alive), who would they be?

I would love to have dinner with Keith Haring, Cate Blanchett and Amalia Ulman, but I’m not sure they’d like to have dinner with each other. 

Matthew Gaukrodger - Digital Designer

Matthew Gaukrodger - Digital Designer Reward Agency

Next up, we have Matthew. Joining the Reward team in September 2021, Matthew is a design wizard, creating stunning visuals and graphics - both in-house and for our clients. His most recent work includes the collaboration with The Letter Arty to create a set of stunning posters, in which 100% of the funds raised are going to Manchester Mind

  1. What’s your favourite TV show or Film?

Killing Eve (incredible graphic design and casting).

  1. Who is your favourite band/artist?

Taylor Swift.

  1. What’s your favourite colour and why?

Pink, I used to hate it as a child because I was told it was “for girls”. But I love what it represents and the vibrance it brings with it, I think pink hair is the best hair colour!

  1. What is your favourite animal?


  1. What is your favourite book?

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami - I’ve always been a big fan of his work and I feel like this book took me on an emotional roller coaster I wasn’t prepared to get off.

Sam Oakes - SEO Executive

Sam Oakes - SEO Executive Reward Agency

Joining shortly after Matthew in October 2021 is Sam. Sam is fantastic at making sure our clients and ourselves are visible online. With years of experience in Search Engine Optimisation, her addition to the Reward team has been key to our growth as an agency and the sustainable growth of our clients. 

  1. What’s your favourite food?

Anything from Asian cuisine but my newfound love is Korean BBQ. 

  1. What’s your favourite TV show or Film?

The greatest TV show to ever exist - Brooklyn 99 (NINE-NINE)!

  1. Where is one place in the world you want to go next?

I would love to go to South Korea next, either during Spring or Winter.

  1. What is one thing you cannot live without?

I’m not really a materialistic person so I guess I would have to say I definitely cannot live without music.

  1. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

A tough one but I would say it is either being able to fly or breathe underwater. 

Jodie Thackray - Social Media Executive

Jodie Thackray - Social Media Executive Reward Agency

Last, but certainly not least, we have Jodie who joined Reward in November 2021. Already named the professional photographer for Reward, Jodie is a genius when it comes to all things social media. She really has an eye for it - just check out our Instagram reels to see for yourself! 

  1. If you could have dinner with 3 people (dead or alive) who would they be?

Ru Paul, Carrie Fisher and Lady Gaga. 

  1. Where is one place in the world you want to go next?


  1. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? 

The ability to teleport to anywhere in the world. 

  1. What is your favourite sustainable product?

It’s a bit obvious but… soap. It’s one of the simplest plastic-free switches you can make!

  1. What’s your favourite TV show or film? 

The Mandalorian or pretty much anything Star Wars.

"2021 has been an exciting year with the growth of the team. I'm so proud Fanni, Matthew, Sam and Jodie joined the team this year. Their enthusiasm, professionalism and values are huge assets to Reward and seeing them working together fills me with pride. Going into 2022, I'm looking forward to seeing them grow while we welcome new people to the team."

Mitchel White - Founder of Reward Agency

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