My first week: Will, PPC and Paid Social Executive

Will Crisp
May 6, 2022
Reward Life

My first week at Reward Agency? Well, I did add my four most-played tracks to Reward's monthly playlist (which you can listen to here by the way). It's a great example of the fun and approachable way of doing things here that I'm really enjoying.

Tunes aside, I've taken on the role of PPC and Paid Social Executive, so I'm looking after our ad accounts and coming up with campaign ideas that take advantage of the latest technology and best practice. 

What led me to Reward?

Picking up an interest in the 'numbers' side of marketing and advertising led me towards PPC roles. I also had a growing sense that I can recycle, use paper straws and eat lentils for the rest of my life, but the world won't see the decarbonisation it urgently needs without an inspiring business response.

I've also had brushes with sustainable marketing in the past and always enjoyed the challenge of backing up brands with authentic action. It's just a more honest way of doing things, so I jumped at the opportunity to go into this line of work full-time when Reward advertised the PPC and Paid Social Executive role.

Of course, it's not 'full-time' at Reward in the traditional sense. The four-day week here is an enormous benefit. We use a suite of productivity tools to save time and stay organised, which makes all this possible. The outcome? I always feel refreshed for work and I'm not bored stiff by Zoom fatigue!

How was my first week?

On my first day, Mitchel and Fanni - our directors - took the time to welcome me. After a comprehensive induction and some time spent setting up accounts and IT, I was treated to a lovely welcome lunch with the rest of our small, friendly team - a relaxed opportunity to get to know my new colleagues (they're all lovely) in a more informal setting.

For the rest of the week, I had plenty of time to brush up on certifications that are important in the PPC field. Having time scheduled during the workday for learning and development will surely keep our industry practices up-to-date and help us give our clients a high-quality service.

The handover has been really smooth. Although I'm being eased into running our PPC accounts, it doesn't feel like I'm being held back. It was great to see a significant increase in impressions for one of our clients off the back of some ad optimisations I implemented in my first week.

It's been a great start to my time at Reward. I feel lucky to have found a role where my work corresponds with my values. Along with the whole team, I'm excited to see what we do next in the sustainable marketing field!

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