My first week: Sam, SEO Executive

Sam Oakes
October 15, 2021
Reward Life

Over the past couple of years, I have slowly felt my passion for digital marketing fade away. I began to question myself: Am I good at my job? Is this the right career for me? Do I belong in this industry?

I felt like I was having an identity crisis with who I was and where I was going, walking a path with no clear direction or goal in mind. I had this sick feeling in my stomach that no matter where I worked, I would never truly fit in.

Then, one day in August, I was approached about a possible job opportunity. I usually turn them away and say that I’m not interested, but something about this just called to me – almost like it was fate.

The more that I learned about this opportunity, the more excited I became. There was this spark that lit up inside of me and a voice telling me ‘This is where I need to be’. Fast forward 4 weeks and I was starting my new job at Reward Agency.

How was my first week at Reward?

On my first day in my new role, I was extremely nervous, but at the same time excited. But after meeting with Mitchel and Fanni face-to-face, my nerves settled down, and this warm feeling started to fill my heart: I knew that I belonged.

From there, my first week went by in the blink of an eye. I eased my way into researching the client accounts to better understand each client individually, given the freedom and time by Mitchel to write up my findings and ideas. Alongside this, I focused on learning the ins and outs of the SEO processes at Reward, as well as virtually meeting the rest of the team and getting to know who I would be working alongside.

With most job roles I’ve ever had, I have come into the business as the “baby” of the group, but I’ve been treated with nothing but respect since starting. Everyone on the team treated me like the adult that I am, showing kindness and support which made my first week all the more special.

From the moment I started working at Reward, I could sense that I was equal to everyone else. Of course, there is a hierarchy of management, but it didn’t come across that way. I wasn’t afraid to express my opinion or feelings, and could openly and confidently speak with everyone without a feeling of dread hanging over me.

What made Reward different from other marketing agencies?

What stood out to me when I first did a quick Google search of Reward Agency was the words ‘Sustainable Marketing Agency’. This was something that I had never heard of before, and honestly, I’m amazed that I never had! But seeing this was a blessing to me.

My views and morals have changed and evolved over the years, but I have always been passionate about the environment and equality, ever since I was in primary school. As I grew older, I started to realise that I wanted to do more for the world that we live in. As corny as it sounds, I wanted to leave the world a better place than when I entered. But I didn’t know how I could do that. After all, I’m just one person from a small town in Greater Manchester.

Every job I had in the past made me feel like I wasn’t contributing or making a difference, and I wanted just that: to make a difference.

But finding Reward made me realise that there is a role for me in which I can help support brands to make a difference, whilst pursuing what I love: marketing. I have the chance now to work alongside an amazing group of people who share the same passions, as well as help brands to grow ethically and sustainably through SEO.

What can I say, I feel as if I have hit the jackpot!

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