My first week: Matthew, Digital Designer

Matthew Gaukrodger
October 5, 2021
Reward Life

Two years ago I was serving overpriced coffee, now I’m helping passionate brands change their appearance while decreasing their environmental impact on both planet and people.

It’s funny how time changes things.

In my previous design job, I was working for a large company with a clearly defined structure and approach to design. This was my first job in the career I’d trained for post university, and it allowed me to take a peek inside of the design world. I was able to see what it was like to work as part of a design team and how the production flow of projects work and although I enjoyed my time here. I was looking for my next challenge, to wake up and be excited about what new projects and challenges would be part of my working day.

At Reward, I’ve taken on the role of digital designer. Meaning all design is completed by me, which has been a both interesting and at times challenging role to fulfil.

How was my first week?

Working with the team has been wonderful, everyone is passionate about what they’re doing and their place within the business. They help out wherever they can and take the time to bring everyone up to an equal level of understanding even if it isn’t part of their role.

I was gradually eased into tasks, initially beginning work on the rebranding of Reward. This was followed by an introduction to the clients that the company currently works with, as well as any future design work that I’ll be taking part in.

Going for lunch with the team was also a wonderful ice breaker, and a good way of getting to know everyone outside of a working environment.

It is nice to see the array of companies that are taking a stand to change the way they approach business and are also willing to work on the impact that they have on the environment. Making more ethical and lower carbon approaches is something I’ve been increasingly conscious of myself in the past few years.

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