My first week: Laureline, Digital Account Manager

Laureline Bedotto
May 24, 2022
Reward Life

What attracted me to Reward in the first place?

I have been working for marketing and communication agencies for a few years, working across exciting big brand names (and smaller ones!) and supporting brands in achieving their goals through the use of brand strategy and tactical development. Although I am really grateful for the learning and development the last few years has offered me, the pandemic has led me to reconsider my career choices drastically. The situation we all found ourselves in led me to rethink what really matters in life. One conclusion I drew was that my personal values needed to be aligned with my professional endeavors. I couldn’t continue being an advocate for human rights and climate change in my personal time while working for companies with unethical environmental practices where profit is the main drive. Ultimately, I value our impact on our planet and its people and I want to be able to work with and support brands who are aligned with this and value creating a fairer world, where communities, people and the planet are put ahead of profit. 

This is by following this thinking that I found Reward - A purposeful B-Corp, conveniently nested close to my little Derbyshire village. I was really excited by the discovery of the agency and found out that they really put their money where their mouth is - with solid sustainable development plans and meaningful contributions to the UN sustainability goals

How was my first week at Reward?

I was a little nervous joining a new team, especially following a recent burn-out with my previous role which impacted my mental health quite badly - however the team at Reward has been nothing short of amazing in welcoming me and making me feel at home pretty much instantly.

My first week has been really lovely and insightful - It allowed me to get to know our team, our clients and getting introduced to the cutest little agency pooch, Alfie. I’ve also had the opportunity to join and participate in one of the agency’s internal strategy days, which gave me an insight into the company’s strategic direction and goals for the year to come. This was followed by a Crystal Maze experience and being unashamedly a fan of its french counterpart, Fort Boyard, I was over-excited for it! 

What am I most looking forward to with my future at Reward?

Reward has a real spirit of open collaboration and with every team member being an expert in their field, this nurtures a spirit of constant learning and development which I really value. Reward is a small team but constantly growing which means there’s real opportunities for meaningfully contributing to the development of the company - and I cannot wait to use my experience to contribute to this and grow alongside Reward. 

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