Fanni Appointed Co-Director of Reward Agency

Sam Oakes
February 25, 2022
Reward Life

Growth and development are always exciting, in which we have done plenty of growing over the past year at Reward. 

With that being said, we are very excited to announce that Fanni Breczku has been appointed as Marketing Operations Director for Reward Agency 🥳

Fanni joined Reward in March 2021 as Social Media Executive, progressing to Account Strategist & Manager in September 2021. With a first-class Master’s degree from York St. John University under her belt, Fanni is well equipped and knowledgeable on all aspects of marketing, which has contributed to the growth of Reward over the past year. 

“Since Fanni joined the team in 2021, I've been impressed. Her attitude, work ethic and dedication to everything she does have been inspiring. From starting as a Social Media Executive to becoming an Account Strategist and now Marketing Operations Director - her willingness to learn about different parts of the business has been amazing. She has grasped every opportunity and I'm really excited to grow Reward with Fanni by my side as a friend and business partner”.

Mitchel White - Managing Director at Reward

It goes without saying that everyone on the team appreciates Fanni’s hard work and dedication to Reward, in which we are all in awe of her work ethic. With a strong drive and passion for growing Reward and our clients, Fanni has assisted Mitchel in moulding the agency to become who we are today. Fanni has contributed to the continuous growth and success of Reward, helping with over 10 new clients since joining the team. 

But it isn’t all about winning. Fanni has shown enthusiasm and commitment to helping direct to consumer brands grow in a digital space, delivering on strategies to provide sustainable results. This passion has contributed significantly to the success of our client’s marketing campaigns, in which we are eager to continue making impactful and transparent campaigns moving forward with Fanni’s guidance.

“Mitchel and I instantly clicked during our first-ever meeting. Ever since then every single day we have been working together he has been an amazing mentor and friend to me. I’m excited and humbled that Mitchel has brought me on board to help execute our shared vision of growing Reward Agency, protecting the planet and making conscious DTC brands the first choice for consumers”.

Fanni Breczku - Marketing Operations Director at Reward

As a whole, we are excited for what the future holds at Reward Agency with Fanni working as Marketing Operations Director - nevertheless, we are certain it will be bright, ethical and sustainable through and through 🌱

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