Celebrating B Corp Month at Reward

Sam Oakes
March 11, 2022

It has almost been one whole year since Reward became a certified B Corporation company. Funnily enough, March is also B Corp Month: a month dedicated to celebrating what it means to be a B Corp amongst the community. 

As we explained in our previous blog about becoming B Corp certified, the B Corp certification was created by B Labs to create a community of businesses that balance profit with purpose. This certification is not just handed out to any company though, only being awarded to companies that meet a high standard of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. The greater goal is for more businesses to accomplish a positive impact for their employees, consumers and the environment. 

With all this being said, join us in celebrating B Corp Month from the Reward point of view 🥳

What does it mean to be a B Corp? 

Since the creation of Reward back in 2014, the agency’s ethos has always been headstrong on delivering an ethical and sustainable business - one being our partners sharing our ideology of existing for more than just a profit. 

We believe that being a certified B Corp sets the gold standard for good business, showing that B Corp companies have set goals in mind to deliver on reducing inequality, poverty, creating a healthier environment, stronger communities, and more high-quality jobs. The B Corp certification is a seal of approval that brands are working towards improving working standards and facing global challenges as a community. 

How Reward Agency become B Corp Certified

To become a certified B Corp, a business must undergo extensive assessments, which evaluates the framework of a business to measure ethics, sustainability and governance performance. 

FYI, we passed with flying colours, with the highest B Corp assessment score as a marketing agency with 111.5 😏

The Reward Values

We believe that giving back to our community and leaving a lasting positive impact, which is why we came up with the Reward Pledge. Each month, we donate 10% of our time to good causes - whether that is as a team or individual. We sometimes take part in volunteering for local charities or we donate our skills free of charge to a business doing good. 

We have previously organised beach clean-ups and as part of the Buy1, Give1 platform we plant trees in India and preserve rainforests. 

Just in the last year, we have taken part in local litter picking initiatives, some of our team have volunteered as tour guides in the Manchester Jewish Museum and our Marketing Operations Director, has been mentoring through 1 Million Mentors.

Sustainable Development Goals

Alongside donating our time, we actively take steps in contributing to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. We do this so that we can help in achieving a more sustainable future for the now and for the generations to come. By addressing global challenges such as poverty, inequality and climate change, we are acknowledging that there is more that we can do with the resources we have, rather than turning a blind eye. 

We want to face these issues head-on, which is why we aligned our business processes and ethos around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

Here are some examples:

  • We choose sustainable and inclusive partners to support an ethical supply chain
  • We support local food producers and hospitality venues, only buying what we need for meetings and events
  • We support a 4-day work week to help our team to recuperate during the middle of the week, as well as offering remote working and flexible hours
  • We volunteer our time to mentor and educate young adults on our field of expertise in marketing and creative design
  • Our hiring and promotion process is based on a team members’ ability and skills
  • Supporting Buy1Give1 in which we provide water taps in developing countries
  • Wherever possible, we will choose sustainable travel methods to attend meetings, events and travelling to the office
  • All our website builds are carbon neutral
  • As members of 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of our annual sales to environmental non-profits
  • We promote ethical decision making and we have removed top-down decision making, involving everyone in the Reward team in strategic decisions.
  • We are a Living Wage Employer and have less than 2x pay gay between directors and team members
  • We are a member of Ecologi, becoming a climate positive workforce to plant trees and reduce CO₂ emissions. 

If you would like to, you can see how we contribute to each of the Sustainable Development Goals here.

What is it like to be a B Corp company? 

“In the UK, B Corp wasn't that well known until the last couple of years but becoming a B Corp has been an aspiration of mine for a long time, seeing the likes of Ben & Jerry's and Allbirds creating change in their respective spaces was inspiring. To now be able share a community with likeminded businesses is an amazing feeling. Since certifying, we've had the opportunity not only to network and meet other B Corps but to support them in their growth as partners, something I'm personally really proud about“.

Mitchel White - Managing Director

“Being a B Corp is great because it feels like we belong to a group of other excellent businesses who’ve set out to create meaningful impact for their employees, clients and most importantly, the environment. Through our B Corp status, we have been able to meet other, like-minded business owners, and have been fortunate enough to not only build friendships, and lasting partnerships, but to help other B Corps thrive by working together on marketing campaigns”.

Fanni Breczku - Marketing Operations Director

Apart from that, being a B Corp company actually feels like any other day in the office for us. Since we strive to be a sustainable business, our ideology aligns perfectly with B Corp. Day in and day out, we work alongside direct to consumer brands to create meaningful marketing campaigns which focus on winning the heads, hearts and attention of their target audience. 

From strategy to design to marketing implementation, we focus on sustainable growth for our client partners, encouraging their business to support local communities, social and employee growth - as well as having a greater positive impact on the planet. 

Our Team's perspective on what it's like to work at a B Corp

“I wasn't aware of B Corps or even what one was until I started working at Reward. During my time here I've learnt the importance of businesses making conscious and sustainable choices; while also committing to treating staff better and fairly. Knowing that the agency I work for is part of a growing network of businesses that are championing a sustainable future is a rewarding (no pun intended) feeling. It aligns with my own views and choices of ensuring I have a minimal impact on the environment“.

Matthew Gaukrodger - Digital Designer

“I enjoy working at a B Corp company because my values align with that of B Corp. I am committed to embracing environmental sustainability and social change to benefit communities and the animals we share this planet with. I feel like I'm part of something bigger, that is striving for change and being a force for good”.

Jodie Thackray - Social Media Executive

“I will admit, I was unaware of the term ‘B Corp’ when I first read about it on the job ad description before working at Reward. Naturally, the curious side of me wanted to find out more. After learning about the values of B Corp and how this aligned with Reward’s values, I finally felt like this was the right place for me to help in making a difference. Working for a B Corp company gives me the opportunity to support sustainable businesses, as well as working alongside like-minded individuals who want to do more good for the planet and society. I think that working with a B Corp company allows me to support and achieve sustainable goals more than I ever could do by myself”.

Sam Oakes - SEO Executive 

A Toast to the Future of Reward Agency x B Corp

As a B Corp company, we will continuously improve our goals for sustainability and strive to improve our standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. We are proud to be recognised for our ongoing determination, hard work and drive - but there is definitely more work to be done! This certification has nothing to do with “good publicity” or making ourselves feel good as an agency. It is about striving towards a better future, informing consumers about how they can contribute to this and increasing awareness to brands about how they can change their standards to become more socially and environmentally responsible. 

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